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Data Warehousing

Gain high-performance data warehouse solutions

To support your business intelligence initiatives and accelerate decision-making, you need a flexible foundation that has been optimized to collect and analyze volumes of data from disparate sources.

RVM data warehouse solutions are available on premises, on cloud or as an integrated appliance. Infused with machine learning and AI for deeper, faster analytics, they also share a common SQL engine for streamlining queries.

Data Migrations

We migrate multiple data types and business logic schemas, using Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) best practices and robust version control protocols.

We approach your data with more scalability in mind by creating automated data migration systems that process, analyze, and map unlimited fields to your new database.

Business Intelligence

Unleash the power of your data, generate transformative insights, optimize processes, and enhance your ROI with enterprise data analytics.

Create data stories, generate actionable insights, and transform your everyday work with data-driven decision-making. Experience unprecedented growth and revenue by implementing advanced analytics across the enterprise. Optimize your processes, enhance customer experience, and discover new opportunities.

24/7 Data Support

RVM provides a rich array of data support services to meet the varied and complex data processing needs of modern businesses.

Our team of data experts offers robust, multi-tier end-to-end support services to drive customer satisfaction through delivering value rather than just providing ancillary services.

Implementation of Data

We offer exclusive and well-defined big data solutions that analyze both big data and enterprise data using SAP HANA and IQ.

We have delivered successful implementation projects to our number of clients and hence, we can assist you the best for big data implementation services.

Help Setup Data Governance

Deliver comprehensive, automated data discovery, analytics, and curation.

An integrated, modular solution incorporates data catalog, privacy, and data quality capabilities that complement each other to deliver an end-to-end governance experience.

Implementing Data Science

Empowering Businesses with Qualitative and Quantitative Insights

Business case identification with data veracity assessment and design recommendations analysis. Evaluating and mapping business outcomes with Technology Identification and Solution Roadmap.

Data Visualization and Virtualization

With real-time access to holistic information, businesses across many industries can efficiently execute complex processes.

Data virtualization uses a simple three-step process—connect, combine, consume—to deliver a holistic view of enterprise information to business users across all of the underlying source systems.