UV-C Technology Innovations

RVM in collaboration with universities across the globe, has created UV-C products for COVID-19 sanitization.

UV is one of the proven methods of Sanitization with 99.9999% safety. Extensive calculations and tests were done to create these products.

UV-C Box for sanitizing laptops, mobile phones, wallets, keys, and other items. UV-C hand held device to sanitize surfaces and other areas.

Be it Covid-19 or any other virus, 2020 has taught us that sanitization is a must and this will continue for the next 5-10 years at the least.

Robotic EngineeringInnovations

RVM has created an innovative Robot to rescue children who have fallen into borewells.

The robot is lowered into the borewell and is controlled from ground level. The robot is designed to have independent arms with 4 degrees of freedom. Reach out to use for more information on the product.

Intelligent Flight Systems using Drones

Approximately 15 billion trees are cut down every year and only 9 billion are planted. The difference of 6 billion trees has resulted in the depletion of a lot of the greenery.

In the best interest of our future generations, RVM has worked on the next generation seedball dropping mechanism with the help of quadcopters/drones. Individuals/corporates who own drones/quadcopters use our Seedball dropping mechanisms to promote afforestation.

RVM customized tools help the drone to do a topographical analysis and then to fix a predefined path of travel for the drone.